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Akiko Inukai
5-8-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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Necessary price other than the product

The ordered products will be delivered by Yamato Transport.
The total product price is 30 , 000 Circle ( tax included ) In the above cases, we will deliver it free of charge.
The total product price is 30 , 000 Circle ( tax included ) If it is less than, the shipping fee is uniform nationwide 550 I will charge a yen.

Payment Method

credit card:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express
We have introduced the personal authentication service "3D Secure" so that you can enjoy online shopping with peace of mind. If you register in advance on the homepage of the contracted card issuer and obtain a password, you will not be able to use card payment unless you enter the password when using the card. As a result, only customers who have been authenticated as the cardholder can complete the payment procedure with the card, and prevent unauthorized use (spoofing) by a third party.
[To use 3D Secure]
You can register from the homepage of the credit card issuing company you use. Please contact each card issuer listed on the back to see if your card supports 3D Secure. (3D Secure may not be applied depending on the card issuer.) * In the credit card procedure, if a payment error occurs, it will be automatically canceled.
Bank transfer:
Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the customer. * Please make sure to transfer in the name of the customer. If you wish to transfer under another name, please let us know in advance by using the inquiry form or email.
* Once the payment is confirmed, we will send you a "payment confirmation email".
Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay

Due date for payment
In case of bank transfer Please transfer within 5 business days after receiving the "order confirmation email".
Delivery time
* As a general rule, we will ship according to the delivery date stated on each product. If you are late, we will contact you by email. * It takes about one and a half months for the ordered product to be delivered.
About returns and exchanges
* Once you place an order, you cannot change or cancel it, so please check the photos and explanations carefully. If the item is defective, if the defective item arrives or is damaged during delivery, please contact us by email or inquiry form within 3 days after the item arrives. After confirming the situation, we will inform you of the necessary items. We will bear the return and handling charges in that case. * Depending on the inspection of the product, it may take some time before the non-defective product is shipped. * We may refund your money due to out of stock. * If the item you received is different from what you ordered, please contact us using the inquiry form within 3 days of providing the item. After confirming the contents, we will resend the correct product. For inquiries after purchase, please enter details such as "arrival date, order number, product number of different products, quantity" in the content column of the inquiry form for smooth confirmation. Please note that we cannot accept returns for the following items. (1) If the item is scratched or damaged due to reasons that are not our responsibility (2) Items that have been returned for more than 4 days after the item arrived (3) Items that have been returned without contacting us (4) Returns or exchanges due to the convenience of the orderer (with image) (Different / wrong order, etc.) ⑤ Product that has been used once ⑥ If the product condition at the time of return is significantly different from that at the time of delivery (including accessories such as packaging)
Attention about the product
◇ Please be sure to read before purchasing. * The product image shown is close to the actual color, but the appearance may differ slightly from the actual color depending on the monitor, screen, and proof environment you are viewing. Please note. * Natural stones, pearls, and coral do not have exactly the same color. The shape of the listed product and the delivered product may differ slightly. * Natural stones, pearls, and coral do not have exactly the same shape. The shape of the listed product and the delivered product may differ slightly. * The size (number) of the ring may be slightly different depending on whether the arm is thin or wide, even if it is the same size. Also, please note that the size of your fingers may change depending on the temperature and physical condition. * Some products cannot be adjusted in size due to their design. Please note that it is listed on each product before purchase. * For changing from earrings to earrings, please check the item description. The parts to be changed are specified by us. Please note that we cannot meet your request.
Precautions for handling and using the product
◇ Please be sure to read before use. * Please wipe gently with a soft cloth or a special cloth such as a cloth for eyeglasses after use so that you can use the jewelry you purchased beautifully forever. * Itching or a rash may occur depending on your constitution. If you feel any abnormality on your skin, discontinue use and consult a specialist. * If the jewelry is heavily loaded, such as in hard work or intense sports, it may cause damage. Also, please refrain from using it when taking a bath, going to bed, taking care of infants, etc. as it may cause physical harm. * Please refrain from using jewelry such as earrings in hot springs, saunas, or in extremely cold regions such as ski resorts, as it may cause burns or frostbite.