"One and only"

The one and only existence that praises the inner light for everyone. The irreplaceable present is piled up and the seeds of joy for the future are sown. May the jewelery of hitsuki that praises the one and only light become a grain of your joy.

Know your feelings for the product

Letter from the designer

Thank you for visiting "hitsuki" from among the many sites.

I'm AKI, a designer.

The brand name "hitsuki" is a word that connects "day" and "month".
The name has three meanings.

"Sun and moon" which means the sun and the moon

"Sun and moon" which means the days of accumulation

"Sun Moon" derived from the name of designer AKI (Ming)

Just as the "light" of the sun shines and the "light" of the moon illuminates us
Jewelery that becomes more beautiful as you wear it over time
hitsuki will start spinning.
Jewelery that shines now so that the wearer can respond.

hitsuki's Philosophy

1. Sow the seeds of "joy for the future" through hitsuki

2. Honestly and honestly without cloudiness

3. Simple and straight

4. Live beautifully

5. Contribution and return to the environment where gems are produced

6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

7. God is in the details.

Creative Director / Designer


Born and raised in Mie prefecture, which is blessed with nature, he spends his days feeling the colors of the sky, water, trees and plants, and the colors of flowers.
Fascinated by craftsmanship from an early age, he became interested in the world of manufacturing. Become strongly aware.

I like to see buildings and cityscapes, and aim to be a designer who creates jewelry that feels like "architecture" and "sculpture" that can be worn.

Engaged in brand development, product planning and development, and design work as a designer at a trading company specializing in diamonds. After that, engaged in product planning and development, design mainly marketing, merchandising, and sales promotion work at jewelry brands developed in department stores and shopping malls.
Engaged in a wide range of design development including fashion jewelry and bridal jewelry.

Contracted with an independent entrepreneur in April 2018 and continues to be involved in product planning, development, design and merchandising.

March 2021 Launch of "hitsuki"